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The D in GOOD Music
A Midwest Mindset by @OmegaMcBride

“Collecting everything overdue, for all the work that I overdid, D -Town but Chi-Town they love me like I’m Oprah kid. 

Tryna make it to the top so I can let my dogs know it exist ‘Cause when you come from the bottom man it’s so hard to just get a glimpse”

-Big Sean (Higher)

Had a hunch, a few months back. Something was coming. There’d be a bit of a rumble in the industry or something. A Tupac sighting would pan out to be legit and he’d drop the most fire mixtape, ever, with zero features but a bonus track with Eminem would appear and the world would go nuts! Not really exactly sure what was expected to act as inspiration to be compelling and write but the initial intention was to cover an artist from the Midwest whose impact has been notable, someone the people would want to read about, gain a clear insight on what’s being said about a dope artist here on USA Music Review, in 2018.

Big Sean - Detroit

Looking at the time past, as Spring has transitioned its way into what we hope will blossom into a beautiful Summer for us all, this article was at first hoped to have been written, edited and shared with readers months ago. However, as fate would have it, we meet again at this precisely appointed time in history, Hip Hop and GOOD music culture for GOOD reason. However, with all due respect to the powers that be, it’s not about what’s occurring in the music industry right now for example: the 7 song Classic - laced albums being released in the month of June produced by GOOD Music imprint Founder Kanye West (35 tracks, 5 artists - Teyona Taylor, Nas, Pusha T, Kid Cudi & Mr. West himself), that really jumps out or raises eyebrows of amazement but rather more so what and who isn’t in music news, yet plays an intricate part in the make-up of this legendary Empire of a collective that is GOOD Music. That what and who specifically refers to the once in a lifetime wordsmith of a gift that is most definitely The D in GOOD Music, Big Sean.

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With the recent successes of his label mates & GOOD Music associates, to dismiss or take for granted the most recent major music accomplishments of Detroit’s Mr. Sean Michael Leonard Anderson would be a super disrespectful. Yes, indeed, it’s forever dope to be alive to see Nasty Nasir actually have his album done/out, or half done (7 songs, lol), while witnessing the iconic Kid Cudi who met Kanye by no coincidence in a record store actually come back to join forces with the idol or mentor he left to pursue his own path. Nevertheless, it’s also extremely difficult to ignore The D’s Flagship – Key to the City holding QB who has held it down for the GOOD Music imprint, his City & Hip Hop during a time where not only Hip hop but music in general has been in a very transitional space. In the midst of mass conformity, monotone creativity & more cuts than usual selling us similar subject references, Big Sean somehow found a way to strengthen his strategy, spitting real shit while not losing his audience in the method or message of his delivery. Genius?

In 2015 and 2017, Big Sean “kept it a hunid and never changed”, releasing back to back Number 1 Platinum selling albums Dark Sky Paradise and I Decided, respectively. To have accomplished this in a streaming age where album sells are said to be steadily declining along with active creative inspiration in Hip Hop Music, one might be pretty intrigued to realize that Big Sean has been able to stay ferociously relevant 10 years in. The fact is, once Finally Famous, the “Blessed” artist told us almost immediately afterward that his Hall of Fame induction to be one of the best “wasn’t luck, it was destined”. Having already shown extreme excellence in character as well as his craft early on, Sean has always seemed to have had his sights on building something bigger, being someone greater than simply Number 1 on the Charts, since walking while freestyling for Mr. West at a popular radio station in The D.

Conversely, back in Big Sean’s hometown, the City of Detroit has been categorized by consensus as between Number 1 & 3 on the list of Top 10 Cities in violence & murders. Helping to combat this with maintaining more options in the city, Big Sean’s Charity “The Sean Anderson Foundation” has begun to host an Annual event called “Detroit’s On Now”. As the City begins to reestablish itself and grow, this year’s events put on by the Sean Anderson Foundation were to raise proceeds that would help the Hitsville Motown Museum expand along with City and not be forgotten overtime, having been the launching pad for so many artists whom influenced Big Sean such as: Marvin Gaye. The Temptations. Big Sean is also serving on the board amongst the Motown Museum's National Legacy council.

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Salute to Big Sean. Shoot him a tweet with an encouraging word. Hit him on IG with an emoji. Quote a lyric or few lines of his on Facebook. He’s one of the best doing it, on and off the court, i.e. in and out of the booth. After battling with a semi severe case of personal anxiety and depression, Big Sean has been quoted as saying that he canceled his latest Tour back in February as a way to get away, taking to care of himself. Although no official music titles nor cover art has surface, he is currently working on the “best sounding music of his career” he said in a recent interview with FOX News, will record portions of it at Motown Studios and is also making a lot of positive noise back home, in The D.

With GOOD Music’s First Lady Teyana Taylor grabbing hearts and ears around the world with her 7 – song KTSE album release to end out the month of June, appreciating the moment these brilliant minds are creating for the music game, this year, is a must. At the same time, its dope to know that although pretty quiet right now while his GOOD Music family unites to take the Industry by storm as he did last year, a multi-platinum artist is somewhere patiently stirring up the pot and is next to drop. We’re ready when you are, sir. Take your time, though. You’ve earned it.

@Omega McBride